The exceptional Kent-Moore Turret model bench

For many years we have longed to receive any conformation that Kent-Moore actually produced this Work Station with round sliding side-cabinets.


Only possessing literature, and small hints at the bottom of Motor Age ads, we began to accept that we may never see one in the wild...


...until a new acquaintance was made, with stories to tell and images to share.

With a huge thank you to Greg Dravis,


We present you with the Kent-Moore "Dual-Turret" Merchandiser with a center bench from slightly earlier


In the same month that we finally received photographic proof of this model; this single Turret above showed up in Texas and is now in our collection.


Notice how the door swings from the attachment to the center pole. There is no contact between the door and the outer cylinder until it closes all the way.

Also confirmed is that there are three threaded holes underneath the cabinet for optional factory wheels.