Graco "Gray Co." - Minneapolis, Minnesota

                                               1 9 4 6   -   1 9 5 8

                                               1 9 4 6   -   1 9 5 8

Graco's main and most common merchandiser model

Wide horizontal stainless, single window glass, and a unpainted pull-down door.

                                                   O T H E R   S T Y L E S

                                                   O T H E R   S T Y L E S

Other incarnations of Graco Work Stations

Some Wall Luber units, Oil bars, and Stand-alone workbenches.


Graco  1946 - 1958

Red accents on the emblems and door handles, all units came with a swing-out parts cleaner and power outlet(s).  Graco workbench tops are reinforced with large pieces of wood.  The ID plate is located on the lower right kick-plate of the center bench.


Other Graco models