Alemite - Chicago, Illinois

                                   1 9 4 0   -   1 9 4 5

                                   1 9 4 0   -   1 9 4 5

First incarnation of their merchandiser & most rare

Produced during the War years, not many of these models were manufactured and shipped to dealerships.

                                   1 9 4 5   -   1 9 4 7

                                   1 9 4 5   -   1 9 4 7

Top windows, triple stainless trim, & a round emblem 

Not built for many years, the windows and trim on this series make it one of the more desirable Alemite models.

                                   1 9 4 8   -   1 9 5 5

                                   1 9 4 8   -   1 9 5 5

More simple, single wide stainless trim

Most common and highly produced Alemite model.  Only one with an emblem on the center of the lower bench.

Alemite  1940 - 1945

With flat stainless trim and replaceable kick-plates on the corners, the early model had doors on both sides of the center bench, and pockets behind for air equipment and other feed through needs.  In 1942 you could chose between the Master or Du Luxe Departmental Service Unit.  The Master had less trim and the simple flying A emblem.  The Du Luxe model had more customaztion options, like wood lettering for the top of the unit, and the chrome circle surrounded A logo.  This model was possibly designed by Ladislav Sutnar.


For a 5 year run, from 1942-47, you could order specialized emblems and signage for your Oil Company or Car Dealership

Alemite  1945 - 1947

Art deco lines, badges and lots of stainless trim set this model apart.  This is the only Alemite model with a light up department / ad glass section.   The roll-up door does block some of the light through the top windows when stored in the up position.  Some models have lower grade stainless that will not age well unless taken care of.

The 1945 unit above, is different from the rest in this model, in three ways.  The pull down door is a 6-piece, straight down configuration, rather than a 3-piece stepped type.  The side cabinet handles are slightly larger and more square.  Also the center top Alemite stamped emblem is not present and there was a simple cast trim corner in its place.

How to date your Alemite Merchandiser


On the back side of the lighting assembly is a date stamped on the the transformer.  This is as close to the manufacturing date as we can find on these units.  11/13/45

Alemite  1948 - 1955

Modular cabinet design, allowed multiple benches to be arranged in large lines or simply two cabinets together.  Clean lines with three new Alemite emblems.  During the transitional years from 1947-48 benches were produced with an alternate round A emblem, and sometimes minus the lower bench badge.  Narrow units with no cabinets and a shorter, stout model were also produced.

Alemite  Misc